Signs of the Times | Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos

During the hours I spent walking around downtown Kalamazoo, I noticed early on all of the different signs posted outside of storefronts. They are short, informative and some of the best documents of everything that’s happened this year. While these are often temporary, they give a deep look into what was happening in our community.…

“New Normal”: Living with change (September-December) | Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos

Life continues on… it’s different, but feels “normal.”

Not Impossible: A call for racial justice (June-August) | Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos

Days after the murder of George Floyd, I was watching rallies from across the country when I heard the noise of a large crowd, overpowering the TV. I walked outside my apartment and saw hundreds, if not thousands, of people walking down Westnedge Ave with the same message: Black Lives Matter. I’ve been at many…

Closed: Responding to COVID-19 (March-May) | Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos

The world was moving incredibly fast when everything shut down. So much was happening as we were learning and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was like watching a movie. But walking downtown Kalamazoo that first weekend after all bars, restaurants and businesses were closed, the magnanimity of it all set in. It was right…

Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos: 20 images from our community

2020 has brought a lot of change to our world, and we’ve experienced it all within a few blocks in Kalamazoo.