“New Normal”: Living with change (September-December) | Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos

Life continues on… it’s different, but feels “normal.”

Not Impossible: A call for racial justice (June-August) | Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos

Days after the murder of George Floyd, I was watching rallies from across the country when I heard the noise of a large crowd, overpowering the TV. I walked outside my apartment and saw hundreds, if not thousands, of people walking down Westnedge Ave with the same message: Black Lives Matter. I’ve been at many…

Closed: Responding to COVID-19 (March-May) | Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos

The world was moving incredibly fast when everything shut down. So much was happening as we were learning and responding to the COVID-19 pandemic, it was like watching a movie. But walking downtown Kalamazoo that first weekend after all bars, restaurants and businesses were closed, the magnanimity of it all set in. It was right…

Kalamazoo 2020 in Photos: 20 images from our community

2020 has brought a lot of change to our world, and we’ve experienced it all within a few blocks in Kalamazoo.

6 months in 2020: The impossible becomes real

While on for my midday walk, I began reflecting on all the changes in the past six months as I passed many of the parks and streets that have seen a lot. Here are my thoughts as I strolled around…