The Musical Box review: From historical re-enactment to tribute band

Last night I saw The Musical Box perform their Genesis Extravaganza in Grand Rapids. I had seen the band perform a few times before in Cleveland where they recreated the tours of “Foxtrot” and “Selling England by the Pound.”What really set them apart from other “tribute bands” was that they recreated the entire show, with […]

Website redesign, hosting changes and new name

I recently began a process of moving all of my websites over to Squarespace. For years, I’ve hosted on Wordpress and really enjoyed it, but as I’ve become more and more busy with work and other things in life, I’ve had less time to focus on the websites.

Much of the time, I found, was playing webmaster.

It’s something I enjoy, but realize more time was spent managing the site than actually writing. So I looked around and Squarespace made sense. Yes, it costs a more than what I was paying before, but the simplicity is worth it (right now).

Review of Gabriela Montero

I had a great time attending (and reviewing) Gabriela Montero’s piano recital last as part of the Gilmore. Kalamazoo is fortunate to have such a great arts scene. And a classical music concert with improvisation, it was beyond exciting. I was reminded a lot of Robert Fripp’s description of improvisation: “spontaneous composition.” I had to […]