A lot of the things I’ve noticed looking out my window for 12 hours a day for the past two months

There’s a lot of the same.

A walk on Easter

Not much to say today: so much continues to change, but so much continues to stay the same. Focusing on the earthly signs of rebirth that are all around us… They come each year at this season and are a reminder that growth and beauty continues, unconcerned with our current troubles. Like Easter, my favorite…

Taking things slow during COVID with Joe Pera

A story of a simple man with simple pleasures all of the sudden becomes something like an aspiration.

Closed Kalamazoo: Week 2.5

A wonderful, sunny day. Took two long walks through downtown. In the morning saw some daffodils that had bloomed in Bronson Park — in the evening the sun was full on them. Some things aren’t on hold. Lots of people were out enjoying the weather — smiling, something recently as rare as the sun. In…

Closed Kalamazoo: Week 2

Closed Kalamazoo Week 2: Looking at everything differently Another week of Kalamazoo being closed. It doesn’t feel as strange as last week, but there are still daily moments that are dissettling. Like today. I just came back from a walk downtown and it was eerie to see all the churches empty on a Sunday morning.…