The simplicity of having two phones

With the recent purchase of an iPhone X, it also reintroduced an additional item to my everyday carry: a second phone. No, I do not have a day and a night phone, but a personal and a work phone. A lot of people ask right away: why would you want to carry around two phones?…

One week with the iPhone X

I recently got a new iPhone to supplement my work phone (more on that later). I went with the iPhone X because of the camera. As a professional photographer, I’ve been drawn to the dual camera iPhones since the 6 Plus, and the X was the perfect combination of everything I wanted. Here are some thoughts from my first week with the iPhone X, as well as a photo gallery of some of my favorite photos I’ve taken.  

Two reviews from the Gilmore

Had a great time getting out the notepad and writing two reviews for the Gilmore Keyboard festival. I’ve always enjoyed Classical music and have attended the Gilmore over the years. It’s quite the different experience to listen intently to review. Enough talk about the talk, here are the reviews: ‘Late Night with Leonard Bernstein’ was…

Flickr’s acquisition: Smugmug and a history of caring about photos

I am looking forward to see what Smugmug does with Flickr and can’t wait to start using the service again. In a world where the motivations of tech companies are questionable, and becoming more so every day, it’s good to know there’s a family-owned company that’s going to take control of one of the largest photography networks.

A response to “The Last Jedi” haters: Don’t let nostalgia blind you

A lot of people have told me they don’t like The Last Jedi because it doesn’t feel like a “Star Wars” film. And those who I’ve asked all have different reasons: the comedy, the pacing, Leia’s force powers, the sheer amount of characters and information given in it. But here’s my question to them: What…